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Saturday, August 9, 2014
12:00 Picnic begins
12:45 Introductions
1:00 Jake Porter, Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State
Dr. Lee Hieb, Libertarian candidate for governor (speaker and Q&A)
1:45 Jordan Brown – PTSD and cannabis, personal account
2:00 Will Ostoj, Law Enforcement Against Prohibtion (speaker and Q&A)
2:30 Brian Littlejohn, the benefits of industrial hemp
2:40 Aaron Shoeneman, Iowa NORML (
2:45 Cher & Brian McCullough
3:00 TBA
3:15 the Mackenzie family (pending Benton’s condition)
3:30 Carl Olsen, current petition and court action concerning the Iowa Board of Pharmacy
3:45 Bob Manke, Chronic pain and cannabis
4:00 Open mic for testimonials and whomever else that has been invited to speak but has yet to respond
4:30 (or so) Acoustic cannabis themed music by Cher & Brian M.
5:00 the Treats
6:00 the Cedar County Cobras

This is a tentative speaker agenda, times will most likely vary depending on how long people speak and given the fact that I have a major deficit when it comes to time perception.

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  1. Kristen from Fully Informed Jury Association-National left me a message that Iowa City Norml was having events this weekend and Labor day weekend. Unforuntately, I have other family events to attend at those times. If you send me your email address, I will sent you the must recenty FIJA-iowa newsletter. Carl Olson, and Tim Hird have been a members of FIJA-Iowa.

  2. do we have a petition in iowa, to legalize marijuana for recreational use? if so where do i sign?

    1. We don’t have direct voter initiative in Iowa. The only way marijuana can be legalized in Iowa is through the Iowa legislature. You can sign petitions to get pro-marijuana candidates on the ballot and you can vote for pro-marijuana candidates in elections.

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