IA NORML Women’s Alliance

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Saturday, August 9, 2014
12:00 Picnic begins
12:45 Introductions
1:00 Jake Porter, Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State
Dr. Lee Hieb, Libertarian candidate for governor (speaker and Q&A)
1:45 Jordan Brown – PTSD and cannabis, personal account
2:00 Will Ostoj, Law Enforcement Against Prohibtion (speaker and Q&A)
2:30 Brian Littlejohn, the benefits of industrial hemp
2:40 Aaron Shoeneman, Iowa NORML (
2:45 Cher & Brian McCullough
3:00 TBA
3:15 the Mackenzie family (pending Benton’s condition)
3:30 Carl Olsen, current petition and court action concerning the Iowa Board of Pharmacy
3:45 Bob Manke, Chronic pain and cannabis
4:00 Open mic for testimonials and whomever else that has been invited to speak but has yet to respond
4:30 (or so) Acoustic cannabis themed music by Cher & Brian M.
5:00 the Treats
6:00 the Cedar County Cobras

This is a tentative speaker agenda, times will most likely vary depending on how long people speak and given the fact that I have a major deficit when it comes to time perception.

3 thoughts on “IA NORML Women’s Alliance

  1. Dell Lawrence

    Kristen from Fully Informed Jury Association-National left me a message that Iowa City Norml was having events this weekend and Labor day weekend. Unforuntately, I have other family events to attend at those times. If you send me your email address, I will sent you the must recenty FIJA-iowa newsletter. Carl Olson, and Tim Hird have been a members of FIJA-Iowa.

    1. iowa_norml_admin Post author

      We don’t have direct voter initiative in Iowa. The only way marijuana can be legalized in Iowa is through the Iowa legislature. You can sign petitions to get pro-marijuana candidates on the ballot and you can vote for pro-marijuana candidates in elections.


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