NORML ISU’s lawsuit continues to be delayed

NORML ISU’s lawsuit continues to be delayed

By Sarah Muller,

December 11, 2015

Court dates are pushed back for the lawsuit between ISU student organization NORML ISU, a marijuana legalization advocacy club, and Iowa State University.

In July 2014, Paul Gerlich, NORML ISU’s president, and Erin Furleigh, member of NORML ISU, filed a lawsuit against Iowa State University. Gerlich and Furleigh’s reasoning was that members of administration had infringed NORML ISU’s First Amendment rights. The administration had stopped the club from using Cy, the Cylcone mascot, on a club T-shirt.

Defendants in the suit include President Steven Leath, Senior Vice President for Student Affairs Tom Hill, Senior Vice President for Business and Finance Warren Madden and Director of Trademark Licensing Leesha Zimmerman.

In October, the judge canceled the trial date that had been set. On Nov. 18, both parties filed motions for prejudgement, meaning the parties believe that they courts should rule without a trial.

John McCarroll, director of University Relations, said they are expecting a pretrial conference and rulings on Jan. 29 at 10:30 a.m. There, both parties will then find out if their outstanding motions have been granted and set up further court dates.

“Everybody is waiting for the judges decision,” said Keith Bystrom, associate counsel with University Counsel. “Both parties think they should win.”